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ECU & Module Cloning


Nearly every major Ecu or Module on modern types of vehicle is coded to an individual car.

This makes it really difficult when a module goes down as getting another one is never as simple as just plug and play…

When a Ecu or Module goes down, getting another one whether it be new or from a donor Vehicle, it will generally need to be programmed or coded to the car before it will work.

This normally requires a trip to the dealer who may even want a brand new unprogrammed Ecu or module before there diagnostic equipment allows them to program one in.

We here can save you all the unnecessary hassle by simply cloning whatever Ecu or module you may have.

We do this by taking the required the details from your original Ecu or Module and then writing them over to a suitable donor Ecu or Module.

All you have to then is plug and play!

We are able to clone:

Engine Control Units (Ecus)

BSI (Body Systems Interface) Modules

Body Control Modules

BMW Cas Modules

Mercedes EZS/EIS Modules

Airbag Modules

Instruments Clusters


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