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Airbag Crash Data Repair

All Modern Vehicles now contain a Specific Airbag SRS Ecu which controls the function of the Airbag System of the Vehicle. Once involved in a crash, the Airbag light will remain on even if you change all the individual blown Airbags. The Ecu becomes locked and will need its crash data resetting.

Removal of crash damage data

Dashmaster is equipped with the right diagnostic equipment, tools, and products to effectively repair airbags on most makes and models.

Our technicians can fix anything, including airbag modules that have locked, which can occur when the airbags have deployed.

We also support the removal of error codes, crash codes, and stored data.

Airbag Module Repair

We can remove the crash data event from all vehicles and we test all modules after repair to ensure that all crash data is removed. All fault codes are cleared throughout this process.

Airbag Warning Light Reset

When an airbag warning light is displayed on your dashboard, but you havenʼt been in a crash, we can still help. Contact us weʼre always happy to help you find a resolution.

SRS Service Message

Many newer vehicles display warning text on the dash displays “SRS Airbag Service Urgent”, “SRS Restraint System Malfunction Drive To Workshop”, “Airbag Fault” we are only a quick call away for advice.