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Vehicle Postage Tuning

Live outside the area?
Tune protected ECU?
Others cant tune it?
Won’t trust anyone else with your vehicle?

Don’t worry, we now offer a Postal Tuning service!

3 easy steps to Postal Tuning.

Contact us with your details and requirements.

Remove the ECU from your vehicle and post it to us using a well-packaged parcel to the our address, with your details inside.

We will then carry out the delicate remapping process in a clean and safe environment then send your ECU straight back to you with guaranteed recorded delivery.

Simply plug it back in and away you go!

We provide the following types:

  • Economy
  • Power and Economy
  • Stage 1 Power
  • Dpf Removal
  • Egr Removal
  • Swirl flap Removal
  • Adblue/Nox Removal
  • Lambda/02 Removal
  • DTC Removal
  • Removing the ECU

ECU removal is often very quick and simple, all that is required is some very basic tools. The installation can often be achieved in less than 5 minutes. If you are having difficulty or you would like some instructions please give us a call or send email and we will do our best to help.

We carry out 10’s of remaps a day and are fully insured against any problems, so rest assured you are in the best of hands!

Please fill out the following form with all the details about your Vehicle and we will contact you back straight away!