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Audi Steering Defective! Do not drive vehicle! No Ignition Repair Service 2008 – 2013, A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 Q3 Q5


Audi vehicles between 2008-2013 suffer from an issue where ignition will not come on with the key and the dashboard will display:

Steering Defective! Do not Drive Vehicle.

This can happen when the battery voltage drops too low and can also be caused by a faulty Electronic Steering Lock.

The dealer process is to replace the Electronic Steering Rack and the BCM2 Module in the boot at the cost of thousands.

We have developed a solution with having to break the bank.

If you scan your BCM2 Module which can be done without ignition with a Diagnostic Tool, and you see the following code, we can help:

  • 02811 - Control Module for Electronic Steering Column Lock (J764)

All we require is the BCM2 Module which is located in the boot.

We will initially test your BCM2 for a small fee to make sure the problem is there, the if so, we will repair the BCM2 module to allow your vehicle to start again.

If your vehicle is an Automatic, we also have the option to bypass the Electronic Steering Lock altogether to prevent any issues going forward.

We are also able to repair the following error codes in your BCM2:

  • 00003 - Control Module error - 014 - Defective
  • 16366 - Control Module - Internal Malfunction; CPU 2 - 014 - Defective