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Nissan Siemens VDO 284B2 BCM Body Control Module Programming Service


Please select any (if any) available options for this product from the drop down list:

Cloning Service:

Send us your ORIGINAL and REPLACEMENT Ecu/Module and we will clone the data over for you making the replacement Plug and Play. No further programming will be required.

NOTE: Please ensure the original Ecu/Module has communication via a diagnostic tool. If it doesn't, please contact us to confirm whether we can still clone.

Immobiliser Removal:

Send us your Engine Ecu and we will remove the factory immobiliser function for you. The vehicle will then start without the need for immobiliser programming. Please note, in certain vehicles, this option may cause a small error light/warning to display on dash. Please contact us for further information if required.

Reset/Virginize Service:

Select this service to reset (Virginize) an Ecu to factory settings. The Ecu/Module can then be programmed via a Factory Diagnostic Tool. This option should be used when the Original Ecu is not available to extract data from. Please contact us for further information if required.

Self Coding Service:

This service is used on certain Ecus/Modules whereby when resetting them, they automatically code themselves to the vehicle when installed. Generally applicable to Fiat, Renault and certain PSA vehicles. Please contact us for further information.

Supply Key (Transponder) along with other Service:

Select this when you have already selected another service eg Cloning Service but also require a Key Transponder too.

Supply PIN Code Service

Use this option when you have a replacement Ecu but it is locked to another vehicle. By extracting the PIN code, you are then able to reprogram it to your vehicle with a Factory diagnostic tool. Generally used in PSA and Vauxhall Vehicles.

Program to Vehicle ECU/FEM/BDC/CAS/EWS

This option is used when your module has no communication. We can still program it to your car by programming it directly to another module such as a FEM/BDC or a CAS or EWS. You would need to supply your Ecu, FEM/BDC/CAS/EWS and any working keys if you have them. This service is generally for BMW/Mini vehicles.

Crash Data Reset/Repair

Use this service to reset/repair a Locked Airbag Module from a Vehicle that has been involved in an accident or had a data malfunction.